Business Executive Coaching

What is Business Executive Coaching?

Today, more than ever before, executives and managers at all levels of an organization realize the benefits of having a coach - someone who is not in their organization; whom they don't have to impress; with whom they can be candid, who will listen without judgment; who will be objective, maintain confidentiality, and help them develop a plan for development at multiple levels - personal, professional, team, organizational and business. Executives need this outside support particularly during times of traumatic change such as downsizing, acquiring and merging.

Who Can Benefit?

Any executive, who wants to improve, can. Typically, we work with individuals who are already valuable assets to their company and need or want some outside developmental support so that they can become better in any number of areas including - listening, communicating, planning, giving feedback, making decisions, motivating their team, running meetings, delegating, having difficult conversations, clarifying roles, organizing, managing time, setting priorities, maintaining balance in their lives, gaining a deeper understanding of their critical business challenges, taking action, etc. Beneficiaries include the clients themselves, their teams, their peers, the organization, their customers, shareholders, and frequently their families and their communities.

How do COREVIS' Business Executive Coaches work?

COREVIS coaches begin by first helping executives identify the areas where change is desired and frame their issues into focus questions. Then through a process of questioning, listening, observing, paraphrasing, summarizing and just-in-time suggestions we help our clients discover their needs, dream what can be, design a realistic yet challenging plan with clear next steps, implement that plan, learn throughout the process and celebrate their successes. We often use 360 feedback and other instruments during the coaching process. We combine face-to-face meetings, phone coaching, and e-coaching to ensure confidentiality and access to helpful concepts and tools. For more information on our e-coaching services please visit

What are the benefits?

Throughout the coaching assignment the client will:

What Are Our Coaching Principles?

Who does Business Executive Coaching for COREVIS?

We currently have over 50 experienced Executive Coaches from 16 countries around the world who are able to take on executive coaching assignments anywhere. Our coaches are trained in our Action Reflection Learning coaching methodology and are themselves continually working on their own development. Our coaches come from a variety of disciplines including marketing, sales, management, advertising, human resources, organization development, psychology, education, law, government, engineering and finance. Coaching is available in 11 different languages including Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

What does it cost?

COREVIS's Business Executive Coaches usually work on coaching assignments of 6 months or more - the minimum period we consider essential for a client to demonstrate progress. We negotiate each coaching assignment depending upon the estimated time and number of clients a coach may have from any one company.