Project Management

What is Project Management?

Most organizations have been in the project management business for years and yet many have never recognized the fact that effective project management requires a disciplined, proactive management structure and process.

COREVIS understands that any series of events that leads to implementing a new or modified program or system broadly within an organization should be considered a candidate for applied project management. In our experience, operational leaders often find that “simple” improvements and changes grow beyond their initial thinking, taking the level of complexity and impact to new and unexpected dimensions, and posing unexpected issues of operational control.

These same leaders, then, often are confronted with the unexpected question “how did things get so out of control?” From the COREVIS perspective, it is not that things “got out of control” but rather that they were never considered something that required smart, savvy control in the first place.

COREVIS believes it is imperative that leaders (at all levels) rethink their approach to operational change. Without question, such change is the trickiest and most demanding of all present organizational tasks. In our experience, it is the leaders who learn to “slow down” and comprehensively assess the situation that have the best opportunity to achieve the desired results. ‘Slowing down’ is a hard mindset to cultivate, particularly in the pressure-packed world of daily operations. But without this mindset, most managers never really learn to think about whether or not the initiative being considered is large enough to warrant being approached as a project. Such managers have no useful mental tool to help them decide on their next steps.

COREVIS uses a simple leadership guideline for looking at complex change issues: if the event is not “simple,” then project management should be considered.

Who Can Benefit?

Any individual who has responsibility for significant changes or new initiatives within an organization can benefit from this intervention. “Significant” is intended to cover many facets of organizational life, specifically focused on those related to safety, cost, schedule or quality. Projects that address more than one of these elements are the best candidates for project management.

How do COREVIS coaches/consultants deliver this service?

COREVIS Services has a unique approach to project management that combines 1) strong project management principles with 2) attention to teaming and leadership skills.

We have found that many companies have very strong credentials in one of these two areas, but not both. We blend professionals who have managed multi-million dollar projects with consultants who have worked with teams in helping them become “high performing.”

From the technical side, we use Gantt charts, Microsoft Project, six-Sigma principles and pay careful attention to information technology issues (such as data recovery, training, etc.).

From the “people side,” we look closely at cultural issues, particularly those that are critical for organizations operating in the global marketplace. We emphasize teambuilding in support of results, managing conflict and communications issues, partnering arrangements, diversity (beyond simply gender and race) and all the various internal issues that impact projects.

We also place a high value on spreading an ‘innovations orientation’ throughout the organization, because we recognize that at the heart of project management operations are surprising, unique opportunities to explore how an organization traditionally does things, goes about its business… and how those traditional strategies can be modified and improved to yield stronger results. From the COREVIS perspective, project management that does not build on the emerging innovations opportunities leaves value on the table.

What are the benefits?

Clients have found that effective project management will lead to the following benefits:

What Are Our Principles and/or Approach?

COREVIS Services uses two primary tools and various supporting elements. They are:

When using these processes correctly, COREVIS Services provides guidance to assist your organization in moving through these stages in an efficient way.


COREVIS utilizes consultants who have both managed multi-million dollar capital asset projects for numerous years, combined with consultants who have addressed teaming issues. By combining these skills sets, we offer the necessary ingredients to assist your organization in delivering “world-class” projects.

What does it cost?

We have found that the total cost to implement projects is normally improved such that the “NET” project cost is not negatively impacted. In other words, the payback for using our services has an immediate return.